Tippecanoe County 4-H Computer Project


2015 Project Overview


Google Sites

Hour of Code - Code.org



Effective Posters - April 2013 workshop

Information for notebooks, posters, and reports.

As you explain the project in your notebook or poster, you might cover things like:
  • highlight the different areas of the project that meet specific requirements from the 4-H handbook
  • specific areas of the project that were especially hard or where you learned new skills
  • link code in the project to visual elements that get produced on the screen (might not apply to all projects).
  • document any areas that you downloaded from other websites, etc. (document your sources)
  • These items among many other potential items depending on your project

For level 3, you also need a report that might go into more detail for items such as:

  • Why I selected this project
  • Why I made the software choices I made
  • What did I learn
  • What would I do differently next time
  • And perhaps more

Project Score Card

Computer Presentations with PowerPoint

Safety Tips for Social Networking Sites

Learning to Program with Alice

An Introduction to Programming Using Alice

Project Record Form (print and bring to judging)

Build Your Own Computer

Magazine Magic